Coming to Brunsbüttel 2021

(Information on how to get to Hamburg you can find here)


++ Ende Gelände finishes successful action weekend ++ “The climate justice movement is growing and is internationally stronger than ever!” ++

1. August 2021 Ende Gelände has declared the action weekend for climate justice finished today. More than 2,000 activists participated in blockades at ChemCoast Park near Brunsbüttel. In wind and weather, the activists blocked the railroad tracks to the ChemCoast Park at important points. The blockades were maintained until Sunday. On Saturday, activists with canoes brought shipping on the Kiel Canal to a complete standstill for more than two hours. Ships were jammed on one of the most important waterways in the world. Continue reading ...

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Our camp location is set! We are in the beautiful Bürgerpark, in the middle of Brunsbüttel 🙂

Yippie – this year we are fortunately only spread over two sites and don’t need most of the complicated processes that our de-centralised action required last year. However, due to the pandemic situation we still have to make some restrictions and monitor two locations. A part of this is that in 2021 there will also be a limited number of people who we can accommodate for the action.

Therefore, please support us and read how we coordinate coming to Ende Gelände this year! Otherwise, in the worst case scenario, there will be a lot of chaos, the sites will be too full, and we won’t be able to offer people a place to sleep.

To make it as easy as possible for everyone, we try to summarize all the important information on this page.

  1. Arrival & Registration (Brunsbüttel)
  2. Arrival by bus/ train/ in groups
  3. Arrival by car
  4. Packing list
  5. The way to camp and action (hints from the legal-team-for-all – PDF )

  1. Arrival & Registration (Brunsbüttel)

As you already know, there are two action locations this year: Brunsbüttel and Hamburg. We will have to get an overview of how many people will arrive for both locations.

In order to keep an overview about the number of people at the camp we have developed a tool with for collecting participant numbers and arrival data as well and anonymously as possible. We ask everyone who is coming in groups of up to 15 people to register here (once registration per affinity group/group). You do not have to provide any personal data, the registration tool is encrypted and anonymous . By using the tool you prevent chaos in the camp from too large numbers of people arriving – thank you!

(Information for groups of 16 persons or more can be found below ).

  1. Arrival by bus/ train/ in groups

As every year, groups trips to the action will be organised by local Ende Gelände or other groups. You can find an overview of the organized journeys that we have been informed up on the map. You can see from the map if there is an organized journey from your place, and how you can get in touch with the organisers or buy tickets.

Safe and barrier-free arrival by train

The closest train stations/connections are the station in Itzehoe, from where you can take a public bus directly to Brunsbüttel. You can also – if you have booked to Wilster – continue to Wilster. From Wilster it’s about 18 km to Brunsbüttel – doable by bike.

If you arrive at Wilster or Itzehoe train stations , there will be a shuttle bus that will pick you up in front of the station or within sight and take you directly to the camp. The bus will be recognisable and will run hourly during the following periods: Thu 14-22h, Fri 10-22h, Sun 9-20h, Mon 8-18h. There is no exact timetable – just wait at the bus stop. We will come and pick you up!

But even so, we will make the way from the train station as visible as possible with signposts and make the camp location public shortly before arrival. Bringing your bike is recommended if you feel like just pedaling the distance to the camp!

Our camp will be set up in the Bürgerpark in the middle of Brunsbüttel ! The entrance to the park is on Eddelaker Straße, corner of An der Sprante) and the nearest bus stop is called “ Röntgenstraße “.

You are traveling by public transportation to the Wilster or Itzehoe train station and can’t walk or bike to the camp? You arrive very late and don’t feel comfortable walking in the dark?
Feel free to contact us in advance with arrival details at or (especially in emergencies/very late arrivals at +4917627440842. Please indicate how many people you are, when and where you would like to be picked up, and if you have any special needs (extra large/unshaped luggage, shuttling people in wheelchairs, etc.).

We have the following information about the accessibility of the nearby train stations:

Wilster station: platforms 1 and 2 barrier-free. There is no staff on site at the station (-> escort may be necessary for wheelchair users to exit).
Itzehoe station : Steps and barrier-free; all elevators work; there is staff on site Mon-Fri from 08:30 to 16:00. There is no staff there on weekends; if you would like staff there, please notify the Mobility Service Center (phone: 030 65212888) 48 hours in advance, at the latest by 20:00 the day before the trip, so that the conductor knows about it.

BIPoC shuttle

In addition, we have a BIPoC shuttle. So far, there are only white people who would drive the car. We don’t find that optimal, but think it’s better than not having an offer to pick up.

There will be a 24 hour attended phone number you can call if you need to be picked up from a station, from the action, or if you are experiencing a racist incident and want support or someone to talk to. The person on the phone is BIPoC, but not a professional counselor. Phone number: +49 (0)176 29103298 (available for the days before and during the action).

Getting around the camp
The camp is vast, and the ways sometimes easier if we can do them by bike ! Especially during the set-up phase, we are also happy if people bring their cargo bikes! We will try to create a safe place for it on the camp, but preferably only bring it if you are okay with it being on the camp.

Arrival and registration for larger groups (> 15 persons)

In general and for everyone: If you are a group of 16 people or more , please write an email to and let us know how many people your group will arrive with and when. If needed, you can get more information to help organize a large group arrival. Please do NOT email us if you are coming as an individual with an organized arrival.

As every year too, we can’t tell you right now, where exactly the camp location will be. You will get more information about the camp location in the coming days here or via direct email. Are you planning to travel by train? Booking to the train station Wilster (between Brunsbüttel and Itzehoe) should be fine.

  1. Arrival by car

Basically we ask all persons and groups to arrive by public transport. If this is not possible for some reason, you can of course also arrive by car. In this case, please try to fill up your car with as many fellow travellers as possible.

In the vicinity of the camp you can park your car at the following parking lots (in ascending distance to the camp): Parking lot “Am Freizeitbad” south of the camp area, parking lot Bürgerbüro Brunsbüttel (Albert-Schweitzer-Straße) and the parking lot of the open-air swimming pool Ulitzhörn in Brunsbüttel. If you want to park your car only once and then don’t need it for a few days, feel free to park it at one of the parking lots further away.

Apart from that we ask you to register according to what is described above in the first section anyway, so that we know that you/your group is coming.

  1. Packing list

Before leaving, please read the packing list to find out what to bring and what you should rather leave at home. It also contains an important suggestion for reading, which we highly recommend for the journey or the action itself!

  1. The way to camp and action (hints from the legal-team-for-all – PDF )

Please make sure, you read all our Informations the need of Registration – and please: register (encrypted and anonymous) !