Corona tracing HH 2021

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Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee during the action days and assemblies that there will be no situations where infections can occur. Therefore, it is essential for the hygiene concept that we can identify these situations and, in the event of an infection, inform those involved afterwards. It is therefore important that everyone knows and takes seriously the traceability concept, for everyone’s protection. The following step-by-step instructions will help you do this:

1. Your Corona ID

  1. All activists receive a unique 5-letter Corona ID. Until now, you could generate these on the website. Since contacts have to be checked with the start of the journey, this online generation is now closed. However, it is still possible to obtain IDs on site.
  2. The same applies to the Corona ID as, for example, the legal team number: remember it. If in doubt, write it on your arm or something similar.
  3. Together with the Corona ID, you will receive a PIN (four digits made up of numbers). You will only need the PIN after the action. So write it on a piece of paper and leave it at home or in your tent.

2. The mailing list

We use a mailing list to keep everyone up to date on the current infection situation.

Subscribe to the mailing list online:

3. Corona lists

  1. At the info points, lists with the IDs of all activists coming together there will be compiled.
  2. During the entire period lists with the Corona IDs of all activists involved will be kept in case of critical situations that might lead to infections. Please bring your own pens for writing ! Situations where we will compile lists includes but are not limited to:
    • Your affinity group
    • Plena in a narrow spaces, without distance people
    • All in-door contacts
    • Joint car/ bus trips
    • Close contacts in blockades, at pickets, with paramedics or in prisoner collection centres („GeSa = Gefangenensammelstelle“)
    • Working together in kitchens, pickets or at a GeSa support
  3. You do not need to record:
    • Short-term contacts in which all participants wear FFP2 masks
    • Contacts outside, where 1.5m distance was kept and masks were worn
  4. The lists will not indicate the specific situation, but only the date of contact (for affinity groups, simply tick all days).
  5. Please make sure yourself that these lists are kept. We will provide enough forms for this.
  6. The lists are collected in the containers provided by those organising the action.

4. You were diagnosed with an infection after the action:

  1. Send an e-mail to with your Corona-ID and your PIN
  2. The PIN is used to verify that you are really the person with this Corona ID and to detect false reports.

5. Information about possible infection:

  1. On the website you can enter your Corona ID here and you will be told if you have been in contact with a person who was/ is infected and when the first and last of these contacts took place.
  2. If you were in close contact with someone (potentially) infected, contact a doctor or the competent health authority immediately and go into domestic quarantine.
  3. Every time the data stored on the website changes, e.g. because we have received a new message on a case of Covid infection, we will send an e-mail via the above-mentioned mailing list.
  4. In general, check the website regularly after the action, especially whenever such an e-mail is sent around, to see if you were in close contact with someone (potentially) infected.

Call up your personal Corona ID: ( why do I need this? )

(to prevent abuse by bots we have unfortunately had to secure the request with a captcha. Please solve it and then request your personal Corona ID)

Indicate your personal Corona ID

(During the action you only need the ID, after the action - if you have to report an infection - the ID and PIN)

Carry out the check Corona ID

(to find out if you were in contact with a person who reported an infection during the action, please enter your Corona ID here)

Repeat the check Corona ID

(please carry out the check regularly in the near future, as further reports of infection may come in at any time)
Check your risk (being infected) by your Corona ID

6. Handling the data

  1. We are aware that we are handling very sensitive data here. That is why we want to make transparent what exactly happens with the data.
  2. Here is a rough overview:
    • We generate all Corona IDs via the website to ensure their uniqueness.
    • The completed lists are collected centrally at a designated location and will be entered there in an offline system.
    • This system does not store the lists but only which ID had contact with which other ID when and which IDs were together in a camp.
    • After the action, these data are taken by three activists on offline laptops to different places in the Germany.
    • In the event of someone reporting an infections, one of these activists generates the list of all risk contacts and the information on the infections. Only this list is then uploaded back to the website.
    • Immediately after the action, all paper lists are destroyed.
    • 4 weeks after the action (on 29 August 2021) the digital data will also be destroyed.

At this link you can find more detailed information and the code of all software used: