Socially and climate-just mobility transition now! Nationwide decentralised days of action on 5/6 June

Ende Gelände local groups are also mobilising for the decentralised days of action and will be participating in the actions on 5/6 June.

There are many ideas that will be implemented across Germany together with other actors, ranging from solidarity photos to banner drops, visits to forest occupations to (bicycle) demonstrations. There will be joint public relations work so that all actions, whether large or small, find their place and are seen.

If you want to take part  or if you have any questiions please write to

All information on how you can spontaneously participate in the action days can be found here (german only):



++ Ende Gelände finishes successful action weekend ++ “The climate justice movement is growing and is internationally stronger than ever!” ++

1. August 2021 Ende Gelände has declared the action weekend for climate justice finished today. More than 2,000 activists participated in blockades at ChemCoast Park near Brunsbüttel. In wind and weather, the activists blocked the railroad tracks to the ChemCoast Park at important points. The blockades were maintained until Sunday. On Saturday, activists with canoes brought shipping on the Kiel Canal to a complete standstill for more than two hours. Ships were jammed on one of the most important waterways in the world. Continue reading ...