Press release for the press conference on 30.7.2021

++ Blockades against fracking gas terminal and neocolonial exploitation announced ++

At a press conference Ende Gelände and the Migrant and Black Anti-Colonial Attack Alliance have announced actions of mass civil disobedience in Brunsbüttel and Hamburg. In Brunsbüttel, the protests are directed against a planned fracking gas terminal, which is also massively criticized by the Environmental Action Germany  and a local citizens’ initiative. International activists from the fracking gas extraction areas also expressed their outrage at the plans. The Anti-Colonial Attack Alliance focused on the continuities of neocolonial exploitation and announced actions against imperialist institutions in Hamburg.

Joli Schröter, spokesperson for Ende Gelände: “The flood disaster in Germany has once again brought home to us what has long been a bitter reality for people in the global South. The climate crisis means suffering and destruction. Anyone who now builds a fracking gas terminal has completely lost his moral compass. Gas is an accelerant of the climate crisis because in addition to CO2, it releases methane, which is even more harmful. Clean gas is a dirty lie! Instead of new fossil infrastructure, we need an immediate phase-out of gas, coal and oil. The gas industry can take note: We are the investment risk.”

Norbert Pralow from the local Brunsbüttel citizens’ initiative against the terminal also made it clear: “The scientific findings on the climate-damaging effect of liquefied natural gas can no longer be ignored. The existentially necessary phase-out of fossil fuels is also de facto a done deal. The construction of this LNG terminal would torpedo this phase-out. This is unacceptable and therefore we will fight relentlessly and with united forces against the project.”

Environmental Action Germany also opposes the fossil fuel project. Constantin Zerger stated, “A fracking terminal in Brunsbüttel would be a massive climate policy mistake and would push our climate protection goals even further away. In addition, the project is unnecessary for energy supply and, for reasons of climate protection and major accident law, cannot be approved at the planned location. We therefore demand an immediate stop to the planning.”

Rokaya Hamid of the Anti-Colonial Attack painted a bigger picture of colonial injustices: “We have to acknowledge the roots of our wealth: stolen resources from indigenous people around the world and environmental destruction. There’s no climate crisis without white supremacy. We have to understand the linkage of ecocide and extractivism and racist, colonial continuities. This weekend we’ll fight back!”

Elida Castillo was able to report directly from Texas on the devastation fracking is causing: “Children can’t play outside because of the refineries. Children get leukaemia because of the refineries. Everything is poisoned. It breaks my heart that I have to go halfway across the world to be heard. But the companies fracking our neighborhoods, they are European – they don’t get to see the destruction they wreak on us. We never thought this would happen to our community. We saw it happen to us, we see it happening to others, the companies won’t rest until they’ve retrieved every drop of gas & oil.”

Dr. Christopher Basaldú who is Esto’k Gna, a member of the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, stated: “No company ever talked to our tribe about the LNG terminals they plan to build on our territories. The pipelines, the fracking sites, the export terminals – they’re destroying the water and wildlife, all for European consumption. It comes down to disrespect of humanity and nature itself. Very few people are driving the destruction of all life on this planet.”

“The heat which many eople across Europe are using to heat their homes is taken away from the lives of people in my country and across the global south!”, , added Esteban Servat, activist from Argentina.

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Elia Nejem: +49 177 967 68 05 | Spokesperson of Ende Gelände

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