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Some sleeping places left in Hamburg +++ Come directly to the demo +++

Our current suggestion: travel to the demo in Hamburg on Saturday 31.07 (12 o’clock, Neuwiedenthal stop) .

You still need a place to sleep? For the last sleeping places you can check in at Café Knallhart (Von-Melle-Park 9) on Saturday from 8am and you will be guided to a place to sleep.

The Café Knallhart (Von-Melle-Park 9) remains the general contact point.

Dates in Hamburg


4 p.m. Action training. Meeting point Infopoint Café Knallhart (Von-Melle-Park 9)
6 p.m. Finger training Neuer Pferdemarkt
8 p.m. Deli/action plenary in Schanzenpark
9 p.m. Material hand-out


From 12 noon Demo and action (Neuwiedenthal bus stop)