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Press release on 31.07.2021 at 7 pm

Hamburg, 31.07.2021

The “Anticolonial Attack” demonstrated today with over 150 people against the climate policy of the Global North. The alliance of Black and migrant people stands in solidarity with all those who are already suffering from the effects of this climate policy. In doing so, they point to the parallels to colonial times and to neocolonialism in the form of trade agreements, cheaper production conditions and global power imbalances. They focus on exposing the racist structures within Germany and across borders. Rokaya Hamid, spokesperson for the Anticolonial Attack, explains:

“The colonial violence of Hamburg as the ‘gateway to the world’ has never ended. Economic growth in the Global North means for the Global South: theft of land and resources, climate destruction, border closures and arms trade. German wealth is based on colonial and neocolonial exploitation. Germany occupies a central role in Western colonial history that is often left out of the narrative. Yet colonialism is still ubiquitous even in statues and street names, although that would be very easy to change.”

Also criticized is the German government’s hydrogen strategy, which relies heavily on importing hydrogen from the Global South.

“It is naïve to believe that one can stick to the dogma of economic growth and that one only has to change the energy carrier. Importing hydrogen robs energy and water, for example from the Congo. Behind the facade of the green hydrogen strategy hides a policy of neo-colonial exploitation of the Global South,” expresses Rokaya Hamid.

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Rokaya Hamid +49 151 43 74 89 | Spokesperson of Anticolonial Attack

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