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A camp for everyone?!


Newsletter #54

23. July 2021 La fin juillet approche avec notre action de résistance au terminal de Brunsbüttel ! Cette Newsletter vous apporte les (avant) dernières informations importantes. Nous vous informons sur les deux régions d’action envisagées, sur le trajet d’accès, sur l’inscription, sur le camp. Nous expliquons pourquoi il n’y aura plus de doigt multicolore et ajoutons des informations légales importantes. Plus ...

Newsletter #53 – Couper les gaz aux industries néocoloniales sur toute la planète!

22. June 2021 Encore nous – avec du nouveau pour vous ! D’une part nous expliquons l’action Ende Gelände qui aura lieu du 29.07 au 02. 08 2021 à Brunsbüttel faisant partie des journées d’action globales contre le gaz naturel. Vous apprendrez pourquoi Brunsbüttel se prête particulièrement à une action contre l’industrie du gaz et comment vous pouvez participer ainsi aux journées internationales d’action contre le gaz. Vous lirez meme un message importd’Argentine. Plus ...

Newsletter #52

18. May 2021 Cette fois-ci, nous avons quelque chose de formidable à vous annoncer: la date pour l'action d'été à Brunsbüttel est fixée! Vous trouverez ci-dessous tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la période d'action, pourquoi nous bloquons le gaz et pourquoi la lutte contre le gaz va de pair avec notre travail contre le charbon. Vous y trouverez aussi des informations sur la campagne "Faire preuve de solidarité se fait différemment" et une série d'événements intéressants sur le sujet "le climat et la droite". Plus ...

* * *

Our camp location is set! We are in the beautiful Bürgerpark, in the middle of Brunsbüttel.

Our camp will be set up in the Bürgerpark in the middle of Brunsbüttel! The entrance to the park is on Eddelaker Straße, corner of An der Sprante) and the nearest bus stop is called “ Röntgenstraße “.

Camp capacity is limited! Please check here or on our social media channels before you leave to see if there is still space available, otherwise you might have to organise yourselves completely (and unfortunately you won’t be able to use the strutcures on the camp because of the corona protection measures (space requirements, distance)!

Here you will find information on how to get there.

This year there is really no possibility to park cars or camper vans on or near the camp area. The nearest car parks (in ascending distance to the camp): Car park “Am Freizeitbad” south of the camp area (800 m), car park Bürgerbüro Brunsbüttel (Albert-Schweitzer-Straße) and the car park of the open-air swimming pool Ulitzhörn in Brunsbüttel. If you only want to park your car once and then don’t need it for a few days, you can leave it at one of the car parks further away.

Food at the camp

There is a kitchen crew that will provide us with 3 vegan meals a day. If you have allergies or intolerances, please contact the kitchen at the camp. For breakfast the kitchen will provide hot porridge and hot drinks and only a very limited number of sandwiches. So please bring other breakfast treats with you. Unfortunately, for hygiene reasons, there will be no self-service at the camp this year. Lunch and dinner will be warm and delicious. There will also be the super tasty, nice “Crepes are beautiful”, possibly pizza and a fine little kiosk. In Brunsbüttel itself you will also find plenty of shopping opportunities.

A camp for everyone?!

Organizing camps is an ongoing learning process for us as Camp AG: We are aware that the camp structures were not ideal for many people in the past. In preparation, we do our best to make the camp as barrier-free, discrimination-free and racism-sensitive as possible and to address specific needs.

As already announced in the newsletter, here is more detailed information about accessibility at the camp.
In exchange with different people and structures we have already planned some things that hopefully will enable more people to participate and feel comfortable at the camp. You can find this list below.
For everything concerning a racism-sensitive camp and connection possibilities for BIPoCs there will be information coming soon on the homepage

If there are additional needs or you have further comments, please contact us at camp.fuer.alle@ende-gelaende.org .
If you have any special needs for the action, please contact the Yellow Finger at barrierearm-in-die-aktion@ende-gelaende.org .

At the camp there will be…:


  • Childcare and a kids tent: there are a few people who can take shifts. We will clarify the exact need for childcare and how we want to do it together at a first plenary on Thursday at the children’s tent. Parallel to the action there will be a registered demo, which is well suited for families with children
  • translation of plenums and events (German-English)
  • an awareness team and tent
  • a medical tent and the possibility to cool medicines there
  • electricity to charge battery-powered wheelchairs
  • wheelchair accessible toilets
  • a place for shaving
  • wheelchair accessible shuttle from Itzehoe or Wilster train stations is available from Thursday evening at the latest (please inquire before arrival at shuttle@ende-gelaende.org )
  • a contact person for further needs can be found at the camp info point
  • arrangement of buddies/assistance at the camp
  • limited accommodation on cots
  • an effort to provide info in easy language
  • hopefully wheelchair accessible paths in case of rain (updates to follow)

If you already know exactly that any of this is important to you, such as a charging station, feel free to let us know now so we can plan better 😊

We are looking forward to you and an action together!