stop au charbon. protéger le climat!

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Call: Anti-colonial attack!

( Call for Gas Action in Brunsbüttel + + + Call for Global Action on July, 30th )

This is directed to all migrant, black, colonized, forced to migrate, uprooted, pushed to the edge and exploited people around the world. To all of those who are threatend and oppressed by (neo-)colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy.

We, ‘Antikoloniale Attacke’ (anticolonial attack), are an alliance of migrant and black people, that block and tear apart imperialistic institutions in solidarity with our siblings, with our brothers* and sisters* in our home countries.

Last year our protest and anger against racism and the police was broadly brought out to the streets under the banners of #BlackLivesMatter, #SayTheirNames and #Migrantifa. Now we call upon you to go one step further. We are going to block, destroy and sabotage imperialistic institutions, infrastructures and symbols in masses from the 28th of June until the 1st of August.

We are part of the long history of resistance against colonialism and the subsequent oppression of the west. In the fight against racism our thoughts have to be with our colonized brothers* and sisters*. We must not forget our siblings in the global south for their struggle is ours! The freedom of our brothers* and sisters* is connected to ours! Without freedom for all, no single one of us will be free.

We are not the first and we most definitely won’t be  the last. We join the tradition of resistance! Our fate is in our hands! Who is going to free us and our brothers* and sisters* but us? A fight can only be revolutionary if it’s internationally for the freedom of all human beings of any gender and race.

Introversive, Germany and the West murder in police cells and prisons and deportations detention center, while outwardly the war against Refugees, instructed by the border regime of the EU, reaches new dimensions. Similar dynamics can be seen in the economic field. Germany and the West exhaust the working capacities of migrants inwardly, whereas outwardly our home countries are being brutally plundered even more. This phenomenon describes neocolonial exploitation: resources and work are being exploited and unrightfully appropriated / stolen  and abused by the West and its economy. In return the West adorns itself with unrightfully generated wealth.
But not everyone is equally affected by the consequences of imperialism: unpaid reproductive work and disposession as well as working capacity is beared on the back of women, trans and non-binary brothers* and sisters* of the third world just so our system can sustain itself.

How can it be the West, that proudly claims to stand for human rights, peace and democracy? To protect their companies, their standing and capital, imperialists don’t care about anyones well-being but their own. Military politics are used to destroy and destabilize other countries. The EU, G20, IWF, WTO, the world bank, NATO, Africom etc. leave a trace of murderous exploitation, land robbery, devastation and terrorism all over the world with the result being war and violence that force people to leave their homes. The same people will be the ones excluded in a racial manner and pushed into the working class to be exploited by capitalism – again.

As if all this was not enough, the climate crisis is getting worse! The climate crisis that was started by the colonizers with exploitation, land theft, extractivism and destruction of all livelihoods and human lives and continues until today. The climate crisis that has been hitting our brothers and sisters far too hard for a long time and is partly responsible for drought, starvation and floods. The climate crisis that continues to rob blood coal from our brothers and sisters so that privileged people with German passports (and Nazi backgrounds) can have it warm in winter and German industry (with Nazi backgrounds) can continue to make profits.
Hard coal, for example, is symbolic of the colonial way of life of the West and hits our brothers and sisters in the Global South in a double sense. Locally, our brothers and sisters are displaced, murdered and exploited. By the coal burned in Germany, then the climatic crisis is further angeheitzt, which hits likewise our brothers and sisters in the global south harder!
With this knowledge of climatic justice to speak, is an insult for all concerning. The climate policy in this country is ridiculous!
Coal phase-out by 2038, who are you kidding? The corporations that get out a few years earlier get billions in compensation, which is a multiple of the amount the next 500,000 years coming generations are supposed to find a way to deal with neocolonial nuclear waste!
Switch off is not enough! Green Capitalism is a trap! Reparations for us! Reparations now!

We cannot be in peace with these relations! Instead of pleading for integration and participation, we have to attack this fascist system! 500 years of colonialism is enough! Imperialism and colonialism have evicted us. Let’s resist against these conditions and carry the fight into the centres of global exploitation! At the end of july, we stand united in hamburg, for the end of neo-colonial conditions, against Germanys weapon export, and for reparations for the genocide of the Ovaherero and Nama as well as any other colonialist crime.

Our action is based on solidarity with and between migrants and BIPoC. Let us empower our people to organize, go in self-determined action and link up with each other. Let us finally be the ones attacking the systems that suppress our people! Resistance is justified and our liberation unavoidable! Come with us! Destroy capitalism! War against the terror of the west! Fight imperialism!

*(The action in Hamburg – anti-colonial attack! is carried by a majority migrant and post-migrant self-organization. The action is mainly aimed at BIPoC and Migras or reference groups with BIPoC/Migras. You or you are a white affinity group? You are invited too. However, please reflect your position, be in solidarity and don’t push yourself to the front. Know your place. We’re not into cultural appropriation. White dreads? We have scissors with us. *))

*) read more: Antiracist Infomail and Antiracist and Solidarity Active : Cultural Appropriation .