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Building weekends in Lützerath

What is a building / construction weekend?

Building up Lützerath in summer and defending Lützerath in autumn! With this in mind, we are already preparing to build structures in Lützerath and thus prepare for the clearing and demolition work in autumn. For this purpose, building weekends will be organised from now on, where all people are welcome! On these weekends, we want to build permanent structures on the ground and in the trees, such as tree houses, tripods or swings, which will ensure that we can effectively defend Lützerath in autumn and winter. No previous experience is necessary to take part: We want to use the weekend to learn skills together, acquire knowledge and pass it on.

There will be a joint journey to each of the building weekends from a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, where people can join in. Of course, you are also welcome to come to Lützerath from other cities to build. You can find concrete information about the contents and starting times of the individual weekends below.

See you in Lützerath!


Here you will find information about all planned building weekends. As soon as the details are known, they will be added.